Achieving your Health Goals

Achieving your Health Goals

Presented by: Health First Chiropractic 

What is the best way to make your goals achievable? In this issue, we share some strategies to ensure their success and give tips for increasing your overall wellness. Some of the more popular promises people make to themselves involve weight loss, exercise and quitting smoking. Write your goals down and keep a record of the progress you are making. Research shows people who set up a plan for change are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who do not have a plan. One plan format you can try is the S.M.A.R.T. system, which should improve your odds for success.

S = Specific

It is difficult to hit a target if you haven’t defined it. Being specific allows you to sharpen your focus. With more focus, your chances for success increase. Example: I will see my chiropractor every month to help me achieve optimum health.

M = Measurable

You need to quantify what you would like to achieve. Saying that you want to lose weight is not the same as saying you want to lose 15 pounds and 3 inches off your waistline during the same period. How will you know you have achieved your goal if you cannot measure it? Being able to measure your achievements also allows you to create smaller milestones on your way to ultimate success. Experiencing smaller accomplishments delivers positive reinforcement, sometimes providing the necessary boost you need in more difficult times.

A = Achievable

With goal setting, the ultimate purpose is to experience the feelings associated with achieving success. If your sights are set too high, it is unlikely you’ll ever realize these feelings. Furthermore, if goals are set with unachievable expectations, your feelings are more likely to be associated with failure instead of success. See setbacks as opportunities to practice your will power and resolve, and not as examples of inabilities.

R – Relevant

What makes your resolution meaningful? Your goals are more likely to be completed if they are significant to you. What impact will it have on your life in the days, weeks, months or years ahead? When you connect with its value, you are more likely to invest the time and energy to make the goal happen. Example: Having regular chiropractic adjustments not only feels good, but they improve the quality of your life.

T = Time Sensitive

Having a specific time-frame to accomplish something lends a sense of urgency to the task and it avoids procrastination. Start your plan today and resolve to take good care of your mind and body. Every other intention you set from now on will work better when you enjoy good health. So,  remember to: *Get regular chiropractic adjustments - your chiropractor will help you determine the appropriate frequency for you * Exercise regularly – movement prolongs the life of all bodily systems  *Eat a healthy diet - to maintain good health and prevent disease  *Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. The body consists of 65% water * Think positively – good thoughts lead to good feelings and good feelings contribute to good health * Sleep at least 7-9 hours per night - sleep is restorative for all systems of the body. Most importantly, focus on

being happy. Start by appreciating what you have now. Then, start on your plan, stick to it and look forward to its benefits as a means to enhance your life.  

Writer: David Coyne

Disclaimer: Information contained in The Wellness ExpressTM newsletter is for educational and general purposes

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